Children, especially infants and toddlers, can be very difficult to handle, particularly in crowded public spaces. Ask any parent who has had twins or triplets; they’ll say the same thing that when their children were infants and toddlers, they had trouble keeping up with their energy.

Keeping this in mind, strollers were introduced in the market. A stroller is one of the best baby gears that is a definite must-buy, especially for new parents as they enable them to keep a close eye on their children, particularly in crowded areas.

For parents with multiple infants, double stroller for infant and toddler was marketed, which allowed parents to seat both their children at the same time. Recently, double strollers have proven to be a financial hit and have been selling out in the market like hot pies.

The demand for new and better double strollers has increased exponentially in the recent years, causing a new product to be launched every other week. Among the different kinds of double strollers available in the market today, two types have dominated the sales, which are tandem double strollers and side by side double strollers.

Obviously, each has its own strength and weaknesses. Hence, we will be comparing the pros and cons of these two strollers and will try to determine which product is the better one.

1 – Tandem Double Stroller

Tandem double strollers differ from their side-by-side counterparts mainly in the seating arrangement.

As the name suggests, side by side double strollers offer a parallel seating arrangement, while the tandem one allows children to be seated one in front of the other.

These strollers have been a commercial hit in the market in the recent years, and the chief reason for this is the compactness of their design.

They offer a sleek solution, especially to parents who live in urban areas, as their compactness enables the parents to carry them into even the smallest of elevators without any hassle.

The compactness of the tandem double stroller may be its key selling point, but it is not the only benefit that it offers to parents. Another reason for its commercial success has been accredited to its weight.

This stroller is an extremely lightweight double stroller, and this aspect coupled with its compactness increases its portability and makes it easy to carry around.

Tandem double strollers have also been successful because they offer great adjustability. Depending upon the model of the stroller, children can be seated facing the parents or in the opposite direction.

Some models even allow the entire seat to be adjusted as per their requirement.

However, these pros do not indicate that these strollers are without their cons. Ironically, the chief selling point of these strollers is also their downfall as there is a limited leg room for the child seated at the back.

This peculiar seating arrangement causes many bumps, especially when the stroller is moved over a rugged surface.

This problem can be overcome by seating the youngest child on the back seat so that the elder child (who’s presumably taller as well) can be seated in the seat that has more leg room. On the other hand, this problem persists for twins who are generally of the same size.

2 – Side-By-Side Double Stroller

Side-by-side double strollers have also been a commercial success in recent years, and the chief reason for this has been their superior seating arrangement.

These strollers offer a side by side or parallel seating arrangement.

This has been one of the major reasons they have been such a hit in the market.

The side-by-side seating arrangement of these double strollers permits an even distribution of weight, which results in more maneuverability.

Moreover, in Consumer Reports, a test conducted on various models of strollers found that side-by-side strollers are the easiest to push, thus beating tandem double strollers in maneuverability.

Not only are they easier to push around, but they also have a sturdier feel than their tandem counterparts. This robust design coupled with the fact that they offer more maneuverability makes side-by-side double strollers ideal for longer walks.

However, these benefits do not mean that side-by-side double strollers are without their shortcomings.

One such problem posed by side by side double strollers is that they take up a lot of space and cannot be accommodated in most elevators because of their enormous width.

This creates a big problem for parents who live in apartments as the only other option that they have is to take the stairs. Furthermore, because of the robust design of side by side double strollers, they are also heavier than tandem double strollers, which makes the task of carrying them via stairs all the more difficult.

Not only this, but because of their bigger size, they also take up more space when folded as compared to their tandem counterparts.

3 - Tandem vs Side By Side Double Strollers

To declare outright a better double stroller would be a nearly impossible task. Thus, we will be looking into the matter scrupulously and judging these two options on various criteria.

  • Compactness
    Tandem double strollers outclass side by side double strollers by compactness. Their relatively smaller width makes them more portable.

    Moreover, they are lighter as compared to their side by side counterparts, so they can be easily lifted and carried anywhere you want.

  • Seat Space
    Side by side double strollers offers the same amount of space for each seat. This arrangement allows children to feel more comfortable in their strollers for a longer period.

    In addition, their superior design makes them easier to maneuver as compared to tandem double strollers.

  • Storage Space
    However, if storage is the criteria for judgment, then once again, tandem double strollers come out on top.

    Their sleek design enables parents to fold these strollers up quickly and they ultimately end up occupying less space when compared with side by side double strollers.

  • Comfortability
    Furthermore, the smaller leg room provided in the top seat of the tandem double strollers doesn't make them suitable for long walks.

    This problem can be overcome by providing more space for the top seat, but this makes these strollers almost impossible to carry around, so in this aspect, side by side double strollers come out on top.


Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer to the question “Which double stroller is better?

However, the question can be answered if it is more defined.

For example, the answer to the question, which double stroller is better for long walks, my option would undoubtedly be the side by side double stroller.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a double stroller that is better for smaller areas, my choice would always be the tandem double stroller due to its compact design.

Thus, these two double strollers are solutions for two different problems.

If there is no restriction on space, we recommend getting the side by side double stroller. However, if space is limited, we recommend getting the tandem one.

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