In today’s hectic world, a video baby monitor is essential for the baby’s care and safety. It not only serves as watchful ears but also as eyes to keep track of your baby in the nursery or crib.

The wireless receiver lets the caretakers or parents move around freely through the home or office and stay aware of the baby’s status. Getting the best video baby monitors are a great way to let parents take a break from constant supervision. You can relax and unwind far from the baby’s nursery and still keep tabs on your little one.

They are all about offering convenience and peace of mind along with the security of the baby. Although they may cost you a lot more, video monitors provide advanced functionality and are a better option than the basic audio monitors.

Real Benefits of Having a Video Baby Monitor

  • 1. See If the Child Is Lying Down or Not

    If your child is awake and unable to sleep, you will probably want to go, check up on the baby, and put him or her to sleep. However, it is important to let the babies self-soothe and sleep by themselves.

    While the baby may be awake, if he or she is still lying down, the chances are that they will be able to go to sleep easily. However, if they are standing or sitting, you may want to go check up on them and put them to sleep.

    Helps with Sleep Training

    This technique helps parents sleep train their babies. With audio monitors, you can't tell if the baby is lying down or standing.

  • 2. Save Your Sleep

    While having a wireless baby video monitor will help your baby sleep better, it will also ensure that you get to sleep properly as well. Most parents with babies will agree that sleep becomes an invaluable commodity, and a video monitor gives you peace of mind.

    Avoid False Alarms

    Most of the times, your sleep is interrupted as you have to check up on your baby. While it is natural for babies to wake up during sleep, most of the time, they just go right back to sleep.

    A video monitor will help you avoid these false alarms and get more sleep.

  • 3. Accurate Sleep Tracking

    Since audio monitoring is useless if the baby is tossing or turning without crying, it can be difficult to monitor your baby's naps with an audio monitor accurately. With a video monitor, you can track if the baby is being restless without making any noise.

    Some of the latest video baby monitor 2016 also feature motion sensor that will alert you when the baby moves, even if the movement is silent.

    Make Sure the Baby Gets Proper Sleep

    Babies aged one to three years should get twelve to fourteen hours of sleep every day on average, and some might even need more. Video monitoring provides accurate sleep tracking so that you can estimate your baby's total sleep time.

  • 4. Cloud Services and Sharing

    There are different types of baby monitors available based on their price and features. Some high-end models even have cloud services. These monitors can link up to your home Wi-Fi network, and you can watch the feed through Wi-Fi.

    These monitors are also typically connected to an external cloud service that backs up all your data. You can also save the video feed to the cloud and watch it later to make sure your baby got proper sleep.

    Share the Password

    You can share the log-in information with people you trust such as your relatives or nanny so that you can go out for dinner without having any worries.

  • 5. Security

    The biggest advantage of having a video monitor is the security of your baby, both outside and inside the crib. As babies grow, they tend to try and get out of their cribs. In the process, they can fall and hurt themselves.

    A video feed helps parents prevent these incidents or, at least, be aware of them. You can also prevent anyone from breaking into your baby's room.

    Ideal Nanny Cam

    These baby monitors are also useful if you want to monitor the nanny's performance. You can use them as security cameras if positioned effectively.

  • 6. Monitor Your Baby’s Health

    Having 24/7 surveillance of your baby will help you monitor their health more efficiently. You can look for signs of poor health and take action if necessary. This is particularly useful if you're not a stay-at-home parent. At the end of the day, you can monitor your baby's actions throughout the day and look for any signs of trouble.

    Look for Causes of Trouble

    It is possible that your baby might be getting sick because of something that may be present in the crib or nursery, or your baby might be getting some injuries that you just can't explain. Baby monitoring will help you determine the cause of the trouble.

  • 7. Connect to Multiple Cameras

    If you are monitoring multiple babies, having a baby monitoring device that is connected to multiple cameras at a time can be very useful. This is especially useful if the babies are in separate rooms.

    Some parents also build a huge nursery for their babies to roam around in and monitoring it with a single camera is just not possible.

    Have Eyes Everywhere

    You can let your baby have fun and explore the room but still have your eyes on them at all times. You can choose to focus on a single camera or watch all feeds simultaneously.

    Quite simply, baby video monitors give you options and choice that will help you manage your kids more effectively.

Why Choose a Video Monitor over a Sound Monitor

Quite simply, sound monitors for babies are a thing of the past. There are many sophisticated video monitors available that are not very costly. The benefits of buying a video monitor instead of a basic audio monitor are many.

You can monitor your baby more effectively as you can have eyes on the baby all the time to ensure that they are not about to get themselves into trouble.

Video monitoring is not only better for your baby, but it is also more convenient for you. You can watch your baby from any part of the room or office. You can even go out and watch the baby using the cloud service.

It is all about finding the right video monitor for you. The right video monitor is not the one with most features, but it should cover all the basics and should be available within your budget.

It is all about spending wisely on the safety and comfort of your baby. Make sure you read this buying guide for best video baby monitors before deciding which one to buy.

Of course, audio monitors are very cheap and you can make do with them, but a video monitor will ensure maximum safety and security of your child.

It will also be a way for parents to monitor the nanny. Basically, a video baby monitor is much more convenient and feasible, and it makes the lives of every parent so much easier.