How many times have we seen a mother yelling at her toddler to stop yelling?

Parents always fall for the trap of teaching their kids one thing and setting as example the exact opposite of what they’re trying to teach their kid. I have seen a mom hit her child because the toddler hit another kid.

How can a mom teach her son that hitting is bad by also hitting him?

Truly, there is nothing more challenging than disciplining a toddler. Nevertheless, it is essential and all parents need to do it.

So how can moms and dads discipline their young child without hurting their child, getting a sore throat, and elevating their blood pressure?

The answer is to choose the positive approach.

Here are positive, effective ways to help you better discipline your child.

# Step 1: Say No To Shouting and Hitting

First of all, stop shouting yourself and never even consider hitting your child.


These confrontational methods are never effective in teaching your child about self-control. These harmful ways can negatively affect your toddler emotionally, physically, and mentally.

The damaging effects can be long-term and even permanent. So if you catch yourself raising your voice, stop talking right away.

Instead, you should practice communicating with your child more effectively. Sit him down and speak to him in a normal voice. If you are angry, leave the room and regain your composure before having a talk with your child.

# Step 2: Understanding Your Toddler’s Behavior

It would help parents take care of their toddler better if they made an extra effort to understand their child’s behavior. Your toddler will not just act out without any significant cause.

  • Why is your tot behaving that way?
  • Is he hungry, tired, sleepy?
  • Does he need attention from you?
  • Perhaps, he needs to use the potty.

Find out the reason for his actions. By doing so, you can help your child behave better..

# Step 3: Work On Controlling Yourself

You are the parent, the adult and should never let a toddler dictate how you should react and behave. Toddlers will do anything and everything because they have not reached full emotional and mental development.

Therefore, we cannot blame toddlers for their behavior. On the other hand, you are responsible for all your actions.

So as a positive approach in disciplining your toddler, practice being more patient and more understanding of your little one. Always make an effort to control your temper.

# Step 4: Reinforce Good Behavior

Let your toddler know that you are happy with his good behavior. Be generous in giving praises and in rewarding good conduct.


For instance, if you visited a friend’s house and your toddler showed good behavior throughout the visit, tell him how proud and happy his good behavior made you feel.

Simple rewards such as a kiss on his cheek, a hug, or a new book can go a long way in reinforcing his good behavior.

# Step 5: Spend Time with Your Child

A lot of parents become too busy with work, household chores, and other stuff that they don’t take the time to sit down and play with their toddler. Young children need the physical, mental, and emotional presence of their parents.


Some parents are in a hurry to send their child to nursery school so that they can have more time for themselves. The toddler years are numbered and if parents don’t treasure this point in their child’s life, they’ll never get the chance again.

The strong presence of a parent provides the child with a feeling of security and this can help him develop confidence. Moreover, toddlers need constant care, attention, and guidance from their parents.