The no-cry method is a great alternative for parents who don’t want to let their baby cry to soothe himself to sleep. Many parents prefer this method over Ferberizing, and this is because well-known sleep experts and pediatricians approve it. 

This method is a type of sleep training that teaches a child to go to sleep without tears involved. The idea behind the method is that to associate sleeping with comfort instead of tears to prevent the child from lasting fears or negative ideas about sleeping.

It recommends having the patience to peacefully soothe the baby to sleep without screams and cries. 

This growing method advises nurturing the child to sleep. This method also involves teaching him to sleep in his own time. Among the best ways to nurture the baby is to rock and nurse him to sleep.

It is believed to be in the power of physical closeness as it can produce positive sleep associations and healthy sleeping habits. Co-sleeping is one of the ways to establish physical closeness.

Also recommend is that parents should provide a comfortable sleeping environment for the child.

This means that you should provide a darkened and noiseless room that has the right temperature to let the baby sleep soundly. Reassuring strokes or rhythmic patting is also recommended when the baby wakes up in the middle of the night. 

There is also a great emphasis on the importance of customizing gentle and gradual approaches to the baby’s sleeping needs. According to research, babies who are left crying at night are fussy and clingy during daytime.

This is why the child should not be left crying even for 1 minute, and you should have a customized plan that is ideal for your family and situation. 

In using this method, you need to rock and feed the child until he’s drowsy and sleepy. It also involves immediately responding to the child’s cries. Also recommended is a six-phase process to teach a baby how to sleep in the crib. By letting the child get drowsy, he will not be dependent on sucking just to get to sleep. 

The belief on sleep association is increasing, however, many prefer alternatives to some of the techniques recommended. A lot of research shows that the techniques that will make the baby dependent on patting, rocking, or nursing are issues waiting to happen later.

There is also recommendations on responding to the baby when he cries, picking him up, and then placing him back to the crib. The technique should be repeated as often as needed, whichever you decide to go with, the idea is to create a pattern and form it each and every time baby needs.


Feeding your child well during the day is recommended to prevent him from waking up out of hunger in the wee hours. You should also avoid keeping the child awake late for the purpose of making him more tired. Overtiring the baby will only make him too exhausted and restless to go to sleep.

Lastly, you can practice a soothing bedtime routine every night such as giving the baby a bath. This is sometimes the easiest way to get baby to sleep.

When inside your womb, your unborn baby is surrounded by your warmth and amniotic fluid, which creates a natural gentle warmth when placed into warm water, allowing baby to soothe themselves to sleep soon after.