Everyone wants to be a good parent, but not everyone has mastered the art of good parenting. This can be due to certain factors such as lack of guidance, wrong moral values or beliefs, bad upbringing, or simply lack of good character.

If someone is not being a good parent to his child, the child will suffer consequences as he grows up. This is why it is extremely important for parents to make an effort to become great parents to their kids.

Kids, especially the really young ones, completely depend on their parents for a lot of things like basic needs, love, care, support, and guidance.

It is both challenging and fulfilling to become a parent. If you talk to any parent, they will tell you stories about the challenging and fulfilling aspects of their lives. Some would tell you that not being able to get a good night sleep when a child is born is one of the challenging parts of parenthood but simply seeing their little bundle of joy makes their heart brim with love and makes every sacrifice and difficulty worth it.


Parenting is also one of the most crucial jobs in the society. It is a big responsibility that does not only affect your child, you as a parent, and your family as a whole but also the society which include the people around you.

  • Good parenting requires a combination of specialized skills, good character, and right attitude which may be naturally inherent in an individual or may be acquired by reading books and articles about good parenting or by looking up to somebody as a parent role model.

    The most important thing is to have that willingness to be a good parent that can help you raise good kids.

  • Good parenting is important because what you teach and show your children when they were young will help mold them into well-rounded grown ups.

    For example, if at a young age you teach and show them how to be responsible, they will become responsible and productive individuals.

  • Good parenting also focuses on the basic survival of a child. Your child completely depends on you in terms of providing them with their basic needs including food, shelter, and clothing.

    A child needs his parents to give him his basic needs. It keeps the child healthy and strong which molds the child into a bright and curious individual.

    A child who has the right combination of good character and good physical condition helps him have a successful and fulfilling life ahead.

  • Good parenting is also beneficial to the parents. If you are able to raise your child well, you do not have to worry about drug use, alcohol, and other wrongdoings that kids these days get involved with.

    You will also feel a sense of pride and fulfillment of being able to raise a good person who can contribute a lot to the society.

  • Society can also benefit a lot if the child is raised well. Someone who is raised properly can give positive contributions to the society and are not considered as liabilities, unlike if a child grows up to be a drug addict or violent individual who cannot get a job.

    Finally, a child who is brought up well will also become a good parent when the time comes that he becomes a parent as well. This positive cycle can have a positive impact on the future generation.