Teaching your daughter to believe in herself and in her abilities can help promote a healthy self-esteem.

When she is confident about her appearance and capabilities, she can build a positive self-image. Self-confidence allows a person to push on and, therefore, accomplish goals, to try new things, and to meet new people.

Confident girls were raised to believe that there is nothing they cannot accomplish with hard work and determination. Again, parents play an important role in building their child’s confidence.

Here is a 10-step plan that parents can follow to help build their daughter’s self-confidence.

Step 1: Provide a Safe Environment

In order to build confidence, your child will need to feel that she is in a safe and stable environment.

Parents need to be trustworthy and they need to be around for their daughter when she needs them for anything at all.

Step 2: Don’t Expect Too Much From Your Daughter

Never pressure your daughter to achieve something that she can’t.

Parents need to be careful when encouraging their children to accomplish goals, because children can feel pressured, and they may do tasks not because they want to, but just to please their parents.

Instead, be aware of your child’s strengths and things that she can improve on. Provide the means for her to develop her skills and give her the time she needs to attain goals.

Step 3: Let Her Make Her Own Goals

Teach your child the importance of having goals. When she makes goals and she achieves these, her confidence in herself and in her abilities will grow.

She will feel happy that she was able to accomplish something worthwhile. The duty of parents is to teach their child to create realistic goals and help her achieve these.

Step 4: Allow Mistakes

In fact, teach her to embrace mistakes. After all, mistakes teach valuable lessons to those that commit them.

Don’t be one of those parents that can’t tolerate mistakes and failures. Allow mistakes to happen and be supportive of your daughter when she fails at something.

Teach her that to make mistakes is but natural, and that no person on this earth is perfect.

However, make her realize what she did wrong and help her identify what she can do to prevent the error on her next try.

Step 5: Praise Her for Achievements

Children need to be praised by their parents and it is the job of every mom and dad to make their child feel good about themselves.

Children whose parents withhold praises or fail to recognize their child’s achievements often develop self-esteem issues.

Step 6: Give Her Choices

Among the best ways to help your daughter develop self-confidence and build a healthy self-esteem is to allow her to make her own decisions.

So, depending on her age, you could give her a say in some things instead of just deciding everything for her.

For example, you could ask, “So, what would you like to do this summer vacation, take a music class or just stay at home and get some rest? By giving her choices, she can practice making decisions and she can also learn from the decisions she made.

Step 7: Encourage Her go Try New Things

Again, be careful about pressuring her to do things she may not be ready for.

Every parent is aware of what their child is capable of, so use your parental instinct to know what things your daughter might want to try and be ready to open new doors for her.

Step 8: Avoid Negative Criticism

Young people do not respond positively to negative criticism. They will just feel sad or angry that their parents can use hurtful language towards them.

Negative criticism is not effective so just don’t use it on your children. Instead, opt for constructive criticism and only say things to your daughter that she can use to improve herself.

Step 9: Teach Problem Solving Skills

When your daughter has a problem that you know she can solve by herself, permit her to do so.

Encourage her to open up to you about anything that’s troubling her and always offer sound advice.

However, you should refrain from spoon-feeding her with answers and instead allow her to arrive at possible solutions for her problem during your conversation. Lead her so that she can make the right decisions.

Step 10: Be a Positive Role Model

Perhaps one of the most difficult duties of a parent is to always be a good model for their children.

Children will follow in their parents’ footsteps and will imitate what they see in their parents. So if you want to teach your daughter good values, then you need to do it by example.

Also, you need to have self-confidence and a healthy self-esteem if you want your daughter to have these.