How to Create Your Family Media Plan

As you continue to have tech talks with your family, work together to create a family media plan. Start with what they know. Ask about online safety, posting guidelines, privacy settings, and private information. Throughout the process, connect your values to both online and offline behaviors and expectations. Open the…

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How to Stop Your Baby From Crying

A baby’s cry is one of the most striking, moving and emotional sounds which fill and add color to parenthood. This sound ushers a realization of a start of the life of an individual in this world. There is no other sound which can directly communicate with every society in…

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Top 25 Must-Have Newborn and Baby Items

Top 25 Must-Have Newborn and Baby Items 1 – Car Seat2 – Diapers and Wipers3 – Coming Home Outfit4 – Breast Pump5 – Bottles and Formula6 – Pacifier7 – Diaper Bag8 – Co-Sleeper or Bassinet9 – Crib10 – Dresser11 – Changing Table12 – Rocking Chair13 – Baby Monitor14 – Thermostat15 – Nightlight16 – Humidifier/Vaporizer17 – Digital…

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The Ultimate Guide to Positive Discipline

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